Wednesday, December 26, 2007

just for laughs

well, this little story you are about to read is for anyone that just wants a good laugh for the day. let me just start out by saying that lately Rylee has been REALLY into wearing her nightgowns, like, al l day long! we have had many issues with trying to get the nightgowns off and trying put real clothes on her. so this day did not start off the greatest and should have been my first clue that the day was going to continue like that......

when we got up that morning, Rylee was already starting her tantrums, you know the kind when they throw themselves on the ground and scream and roll around kicking their legs? if you dont, be very glad. well, i had to go to old navy and to costco that day so after breakfast i proceeded to get ready and then try to get the kids ready. what fun that was! trying to reason with a 2 yr old is quite impossible. i basically had to hold her down and take off her night gown to put on her pants and shirt, then she threw a fit for about 10 minutes so i just left her in her room to calm down. when i came back to try again to get her dressed, all she wanted was to wear her "pincess". so i finished taking off her clothes(she had already started) and put her stupid nightgown back on, and she was happy once again. somehow i managed to get some pants on her and even a shirt.....but of course i it was over the puffy sleeved, pink princess nightgown. she was lookin good with her night gown all tucked into her pants and busting out of her shirt. Whatever! i was meeting my mom at old navy so i was kind of in a hurry . any ways, after about 20 min of that nonsense we finally make out of the house. we get to old navy and i was thinking things were going to be alright. oh no, about 10 min into the shopping she starts climbing out of the stroller, so i let her walk with 'pumpa'(grandma). then she starts undressing in the middle of the store! apparently she didnt want her clothes on anymore. by this point i really dont care what she looks like because i am just trying to make it out of there with my sanity. by the way my mom was thinking this was really funny and was egging her on. so we finally finish with our errands and get home to have lunch and put them down for a nap. i usually try to put some comfy pants on Rylee when she goes down for a nap so that she doesnt rip off her diaper and pee when she wakes up. oh how i wish i would have done that this time. my parents were coming up that night for dinner and was making steak and chicken and mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms.....all kinds of stuff. i was right in the middle of getting dinner ready when i hear her waking up from her nap. i had the potatoes on the stove boiling so i was going to run up really quick to get her. well, when i walked into the room, i could smell it right away. i turned on the light to find that Rylee had taken off her diaper and pooped in her crib. SERIOUSLY????? she had it smeared all over the crib tent , which was pain in the freaking butt to clean. it was under her finger nails, in her ears, all over her binkis......EVERYWHERE!!!! by this point i just had to laugh because if i didnt, i think there would have been some problems. so i run downstairs to turn down the potatoes(after i threw her in the tub), then tried to hurry and clean up rest of it and get everything in the wash. that was all done so i get the kids downstairs so i can finish making dinner. while i was putting all the spices away the granulated garlic fell of the counter and shattered all over the kitchen floor where rylee was playing and Adyson was in her saucer watching. so get out the vacuum and it freaked out Ady, so she screamed the whole time i was vacuuming and rylee kept trying to walk in it. a few minutes later mike finally got home and my parents showed up so making the rest of the dinner was easy and it turned out great!
so from that day on rylee has to wear underwear over her diapers when she is sleeping because if she doesnt have them on....i think you can guess what happens. i hope this story made you laugh and also made you grateful that your child hasnt done this and if they have, then know that there are others who feel your pain!!