Saturday, September 27, 2008

look what we got.....

Little Aiden is here!!!! he was born on wednesday the 17th a 7:54 pm. 7lbs, 3oz and 19 3/4 in long. i have to say that it was probably the shortest labor EVER!! considering that i was already at a 4, i knew it was going to be quick. my mom came up to take some measurements of rylees windows for her curtains at around 5:00 and thats when my contractions started, so i told her she had better hurry and get home to change her clothes and get back up here. oh, and lets not forget that mike had decided it was a good time to buy a bunch plants for the yard and start a little project..... was not happy about that. i dont know why nobody believes me when i tell them i am in labor!!! so, we finally get to the hospital and i am at an 8 and was so exited when they told i could still get an epidural. he was still a little high so they told it would work in time. i was a 9 when i finally got it and it worked just in time!!! i only had to push a few times and he was out! and can i just say that when you dont have an episiotamy(sp??), the recovery is so easy! he is such a good baby and the girls love him to death! we got so lucky with him, he really is so good. i dont know what i would do if he was any different. he pretty much just sleeps and eats and poops and sleeps some more.....isnt that the life? rylee LOVES him and always wants to hold him. she is very protective of him too. adyson is doing a lot better than i thought she would. she will give him hugs and kisses and want to lay on him, so that is kind of scary sometimes but other than that she doesnt really mind him being around and me holding him and feeding him. here is a few pics that we have gotten so far.....

mommy and aiden waiting to be released from the hospital
aiden being the cutest little baby ever!
ok, i just had to post this one of addy. this totally captures her personality and is way too cute not to post!
rylee and her baby "brudder" sitting on the couch together. she will hold him for 20 min at a time. she loves him.
aiden being cute
we had a little photo shoot after bathtime with the kids. is this not the cutest picture?
waving to the camera!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

baby update....

or i guess i should say "no baby" update! ya..... he's still not here and it is really annoying! i have been dilated to a 3 for like a week and half and as of today i am at a 4. i had them strip my membranes today to see if we can this going! this baby just does not want to come out! i have tried almost everything to start labor. i have been weeding the whole yard (its a big yard and there were a lot of weeds), taking the kids for walks in a stroller with flat tires, jumping on the trampoline, helping mike carry the new rocking chair upstairs, taking out all the plants in the garden and getting it ready for the winter vegetables, carrying the kids while running up and down the stairs, plus a few that i wont mention. if after doing all that and i still havent gone into labor, then i dont know what will work. i guess we will just have to wait.
can i just complain for a minute? it hurts soooo bad to do anything at this point. i feel like i am so old because it takes me so long to walk anywhere because of all the pressure and my hips hurts like crazy! not to mention my humongous swollen feet and legs that hurt. i have very little patience these days, so when addy decides to whine and cry and hang on my legs pretty much from the time she wakes up until she takes her nap(this happens EVERY day!) i get very close to losing it. i feel bad, but it is hard when you are doing this every day by yourself. ok, i think i am done.
on the bright side, we finally got the baby's room painted so now all i have to do is get addy out of there and into rylee's room. i dont know how soon that will happen though. i am afraid to put them in the same room because they will not sleep. i know i am going to just have to do it suffer through the sleepless nights for awhile until they can get used to it. i finally found a glider/rocker that i love!!! it is what i have been looking for pretty much since i had rylee. it is from babies r us and they just barely got it! i love it!!! it is so soft and comfortable and it is the perfect chocolate brown chenille fabric! i cant believe i have had 2 babies without one of these things!
ok, so wish me luck that we can have this baby soon!!!! and, no, we dont have a name picked out yet..... any suggestions???

Saturday, September 6, 2008

well, we are back from the beach. i wasnt supposed to go, but i did anyways. i figured this was going to be my last trip for a long time so i might as well go. we got back on thursday night and my parents let rylee stay with them. it has been really weird and REALLY quiet here the last 2 days. i think addy doesnt know what to do if she doesnt have someone to yell at and fight with, she has been so quiet. the beach was great and the weather was perfect. i did a lot of sitting around mainly because it really, really hurts to walk and i am dilated to a 2(for me thats not a lot, but i didnt want to push it), so i had a lot of help while i was there. we went to the beach and pool every day and went to the wild animal park. if you ever want to feel like the biggest retard, have your mom push around in a wheelchair!!! thats right, they MADE me sit in a wheelchair because there was walking involved while at the wild animal park. rylee got to ride on my lap part of the way and thought it was so fun. heres a few pics about what we did.....

addy and my mom getting ready to go to the wild animal park

addy had so much fun playing at the beach and digging in the sand

rylee and her cousin corbyn were best buds. she was always saying "where's my corbyn??!!"

addy got mad at something and laid down in the sand and threw a fit and this what she ended up looking like. lovely.

all the cousins at the wild animal park

some of the cousins playing and building sand castles

addy going for a ride on the boogie board. she's a pro.

we tried to get at least one picture of the family while we were there and this is what we got. not great, but it will have to do.

apparently digging a big hole in the sand is great way to keep everyone busy. what you mean you dont dig big holes in the sand when you're at the beach? weird.