Thursday, May 8, 2008

blah, blah, blah....

yes, i am totally pathetic. well, we have had quite a bit going on this past month, so here is a little rundown for ya'll!
-a week before easter my dad had a heart attack and was in the icu for a few days, but is doing very well now.
-on easter there was a little accident involving mike, addy and the stairs. it ended up with her in the hospital with a fractured worries, she's doing fine!
-the day she was coming home from the hospital our courtyard wall was supposed to be built, so pretty much from that day on we have been working out in yard trying to get everything done. it takes a lot out of you when you're chasing after 2 kids, pregnant and trying to do landscaping and put together a swing times!
-a few days after addy turned 9 mo. she finally got her first tooth and then for the next 3 weeks got 3 more teeth. so, she is finally sleeping through the night again. hallelujah!!!
-rylee is still annoying. j/k. she is just getting more and more stubborn and defiant! i swear that girl is going to put me in the nut house!!! she wont stay in any bed we put her in unless she gets a serious beating. j/k (but not really:). today i decided to start potting training again. mostly because i only had a few diapers left and i am refusing to buy more. plus, we are thinking of going to oregon in june and i do not want to take diapers with for rylee. i know, i am selfish, but also the thought of having 3 kids in diapers makes me want to puke!
-i turned 26 on the 14th of april...yippee!!
-lets see what else.....oh yeah, this pregnancy has been awesome other than the fact that i am constantly almost falling asleep because i am so dang exhausted. in the beginning there was only a few days that i was sick and it was because i waited to long to eat. seriously, i have to eat like every 2 hours! it is getting kind of annoying, but at least i am not sick!
-i had the 20 week ultra sound on monday and everything was great! especially the fact that we are having a BOY!!!!!! phew!! we are so excited and a little (ok, a LOT) relieved that we dont have to keep trying until we get a boy!
-i planted a bunch of stuff in my garden, but i know nothing about it, so this will be a little experiment to see if anything even lives! if anybody knows anything.....please let me know your secrets! and i really want to plant some fruit trees....that just may be a dream for now, though.
-oh yeah, addy is all over the place now!!! she is standing up every chance she gets and tries to walk, but her head gets there before her feet do. it wont be long!!! it is so funny, she be crawling along and then just stand up and clap for herself! she is so funny! and she loves rylee and especially loves to pick fights with her. seriously. this sweet little girl has an evil streak. her favorite thing is to pull rylee's hair, but i have seen addy tackle her to the ground and lay on top her holding her there. funniest. thing. ever.
so, thats what we've been up to. i hope you are all satisfied. :))

new pics!