Saturday, September 27, 2008

look what we got.....

Little Aiden is here!!!! he was born on wednesday the 17th a 7:54 pm. 7lbs, 3oz and 19 3/4 in long. i have to say that it was probably the shortest labor EVER!! considering that i was already at a 4, i knew it was going to be quick. my mom came up to take some measurements of rylees windows for her curtains at around 5:00 and thats when my contractions started, so i told her she had better hurry and get home to change her clothes and get back up here. oh, and lets not forget that mike had decided it was a good time to buy a bunch plants for the yard and start a little project..... was not happy about that. i dont know why nobody believes me when i tell them i am in labor!!! so, we finally get to the hospital and i am at an 8 and was so exited when they told i could still get an epidural. he was still a little high so they told it would work in time. i was a 9 when i finally got it and it worked just in time!!! i only had to push a few times and he was out! and can i just say that when you dont have an episiotamy(sp??), the recovery is so easy! he is such a good baby and the girls love him to death! we got so lucky with him, he really is so good. i dont know what i would do if he was any different. he pretty much just sleeps and eats and poops and sleeps some more.....isnt that the life? rylee LOVES him and always wants to hold him. she is very protective of him too. adyson is doing a lot better than i thought she would. she will give him hugs and kisses and want to lay on him, so that is kind of scary sometimes but other than that she doesnt really mind him being around and me holding him and feeding him. here is a few pics that we have gotten so far.....

mommy and aiden waiting to be released from the hospital
aiden being the cutest little baby ever!
ok, i just had to post this one of addy. this totally captures her personality and is way too cute not to post!
rylee and her baby "brudder" sitting on the couch together. she will hold him for 20 min at a time. she loves him.
aiden being cute
we had a little photo shoot after bathtime with the kids. is this not the cutest picture?
waving to the camera!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

baby update....

or i guess i should say "no baby" update! ya..... he's still not here and it is really annoying! i have been dilated to a 3 for like a week and half and as of today i am at a 4. i had them strip my membranes today to see if we can this going! this baby just does not want to come out! i have tried almost everything to start labor. i have been weeding the whole yard (its a big yard and there were a lot of weeds), taking the kids for walks in a stroller with flat tires, jumping on the trampoline, helping mike carry the new rocking chair upstairs, taking out all the plants in the garden and getting it ready for the winter vegetables, carrying the kids while running up and down the stairs, plus a few that i wont mention. if after doing all that and i still havent gone into labor, then i dont know what will work. i guess we will just have to wait.
can i just complain for a minute? it hurts soooo bad to do anything at this point. i feel like i am so old because it takes me so long to walk anywhere because of all the pressure and my hips hurts like crazy! not to mention my humongous swollen feet and legs that hurt. i have very little patience these days, so when addy decides to whine and cry and hang on my legs pretty much from the time she wakes up until she takes her nap(this happens EVERY day!) i get very close to losing it. i feel bad, but it is hard when you are doing this every day by yourself. ok, i think i am done.
on the bright side, we finally got the baby's room painted so now all i have to do is get addy out of there and into rylee's room. i dont know how soon that will happen though. i am afraid to put them in the same room because they will not sleep. i know i am going to just have to do it suffer through the sleepless nights for awhile until they can get used to it. i finally found a glider/rocker that i love!!! it is what i have been looking for pretty much since i had rylee. it is from babies r us and they just barely got it! i love it!!! it is so soft and comfortable and it is the perfect chocolate brown chenille fabric! i cant believe i have had 2 babies without one of these things!
ok, so wish me luck that we can have this baby soon!!!! and, no, we dont have a name picked out yet..... any suggestions???

Saturday, September 6, 2008

well, we are back from the beach. i wasnt supposed to go, but i did anyways. i figured this was going to be my last trip for a long time so i might as well go. we got back on thursday night and my parents let rylee stay with them. it has been really weird and REALLY quiet here the last 2 days. i think addy doesnt know what to do if she doesnt have someone to yell at and fight with, she has been so quiet. the beach was great and the weather was perfect. i did a lot of sitting around mainly because it really, really hurts to walk and i am dilated to a 2(for me thats not a lot, but i didnt want to push it), so i had a lot of help while i was there. we went to the beach and pool every day and went to the wild animal park. if you ever want to feel like the biggest retard, have your mom push around in a wheelchair!!! thats right, they MADE me sit in a wheelchair because there was walking involved while at the wild animal park. rylee got to ride on my lap part of the way and thought it was so fun. heres a few pics about what we did.....

addy and my mom getting ready to go to the wild animal park

addy had so much fun playing at the beach and digging in the sand

rylee and her cousin corbyn were best buds. she was always saying "where's my corbyn??!!"

addy got mad at something and laid down in the sand and threw a fit and this what she ended up looking like. lovely.

all the cousins at the wild animal park

some of the cousins playing and building sand castles

addy going for a ride on the boogie board. she's a pro.

we tried to get at least one picture of the family while we were there and this is what we got. not great, but it will have to do.

apparently digging a big hole in the sand is great way to keep everyone busy. what you mean you dont dig big holes in the sand when you're at the beach? weird.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In memory of Aimee...

I was going to have the title be "happy anniversary", but that just didnt sound right. :) It was 2 years ago today that my older sister Aimee passed away. we all went to the cemetery tonight and brought about a million flowers to put on her headstone....seriously, there was a ton. i took a picture because it looked so pretty, but i always forget how to upload the pictures and mike is in san diego doing video shoot. so that picture will have to come later when he can help me because i am really retarted. it is still so hard to have her gone and i am sure that it will never get any easier. i am just grateful for the time that we did have with her, and i know that she is working hard on the other side!
...... after we left the cemetery, we went and got frozen yogurt. this was the best frozen yogurt that i have had in a LONG time!! i dont remember the name, but it just opened by the coscto in aliante. i know this sounds really dumb, but this is one thing that i have been craving my whole pregnancy and i finally got to satisfy it!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

the kiddos...

ok, so my little girls are getting to be so dang big!!! i cant believe how quick they are growing up. last week we were swimming and after a while, rylee decided she didnt want to wear her floaties anymore and just started swimming by herself!!!! so much for swim lessons. i couldnt believe she can swim! she will even jump in and can swim across almost the whole pool!! i guess thats what you get when you have child that is very determined and independant..... and stubborn!
She is only 2 1/2 and it is probably to early, but she is going to start preschool this year!! it starts on sept. 2nd. that is in less than 1 month. HOLY COW!!!!! we went to target yesterday and i let her pick out a backpack.... and of course she picks out the one with all the princesses on it. whatever. she LOVES it and it was only like 8 dollars and she hasnt stopped wearing it, so i guess if it makes her happy, then it makes me happy! i just cant believe i am going to have a kid in school! i hope it will turn out good because she needs something to keep her busy!

my little Adyson is not so little anymore! we just went to the dr. for her year check up and she weighs 25 lbs.! she is one hefty girl. and very, very squishy!! she is so cute and always trying to keep up with rylee, but one thing that i love is that she is a cuddler!! it is so weird to have a baby that actually likes to be held and snuggled with. she is so funny. whenever she is doing something naughty and i say "addy, do you need to go sit in timeout??" she will get up and walk over to the timeout corner and sit there..... but only for like 2 seconds. i love it!
she started doing this a few months ago. at every single meal she has to have a fork or she wont eat what is on her plate. she is so wierd! she has to eat every bite off of the fork and if she cant get it, then she makes me help her so she can eat her food off of the fork.
ya, so the other day when woke up from her nap, mike and i heard her whine a little bit and heard big thump and then a little cry so mike started to go up stairs just as she is opening her door!!!! what the heck???!!! she just turned one and apparently can climb out of her crib now! and she has been able to open the doors for about 3 months! she is one crazy girl!

a few weeks ago, we all went to scottsdale, az with mike because he had video shoot at the Hyatt there. i dont suggest going on a trip with 2 little kids and being 8 months pregnant if your husband is going to be working the whole time! it was very tiring and really hard to keep the kids happy in a hotel room. i wish we could have enjoyed it more because it was really nice hotel, but i think that will have to wait for a trip with out kids!:) one thing we did get to enjoy was the spa! we took turns watching the kids the morning before we had to check out and got massages!! i really hope we get to go back soon because it was probably the best spa i have ever been to! i wish i had some pictures, but on the drive there i noticed that our battery was dead on the camera. maybe next time!

i have been really lame and havent taken many pictures lately. i will try to get some posted soon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

sleep deprived...

ok, so has anyone been doing anything other than reading Breaking Dawn??? ya, me neither. that includes sleeping, getting dressed, getting the kids dressed, cleaning, sleeping. that's right. all you girls that made me take the first book home to read..... i am totally hooked!!!! my poor family has been so neglected lately. and i think i am starting to get sick because i read instead of sleep like i should be doing. oh well.... its worth it to read about Edward, right?

Monday, July 14, 2008

it been a while....

i am a total slacker when it comes to posting things! a lot has happened since the last post, so i'll catch you up on the lastest...

addy started walking a few months ago and she turned 1 on june 19th. we had a little party for her and of course she loved it and knew exactly what was going on.
my hubby turned 32 on july 12th!!! wow! he is an old man! j/k. we went up to st. george for the night and went to one of the plays at tuacahn. kinda lame, but we didnt have the kids with us, so that was really nice!! we slept in til like 9:00!
we are just having fun swimming and checking out what's new in the garden that is takin over my yard! seriously, its crazy! rylee's favorite thing is to go check on the peppers and pick the tomatoes. i am just waiting for my honeydew to be ready and hope that it will taste good. i'm worried that the honeydew and cucumber got cross pollinated because they are so close together! i guess i'll just have to wait and see.
the pregnancy is going great. i always have uneventful pregnancies. i am already counting the days til he comes! i am so tired of being pregnant!!!
we took a little trip up to bryce canyon to see my sister that lives near there. it was the trip from hell! before we even got to mesquite we had to stop 4 times for rylee to go to the bathroom. the kids hardly slept the whole time, so of course they were tired and ornery the whole time. my kids dont do well going out of town because they are so used to a schedule and they are such light sleepers. it makes it really hard to have a good time!
rylee is still crazy and her favorite word is 'shut up'. that's a fun one! and now she likes to jump off of the rocks when we are swimming. she will always try to sneek to the higher ones and jump off them! she makes me so nervous!!!
rylee decided a while ago that she didnt want to wear pull ups to bed anymore.  apparently they make her butt itch.  whatever! so she wears her panties all day and night! and we have a lot of  "pee laundry" to do now! she really does a good job of not peeing in her bed, but she does have accidents sometimes.
hopefully it wont take me months to do another post..... we'll see how that goes!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

blah, blah, blah....

yes, i am totally pathetic. well, we have had quite a bit going on this past month, so here is a little rundown for ya'll!
-a week before easter my dad had a heart attack and was in the icu for a few days, but is doing very well now.
-on easter there was a little accident involving mike, addy and the stairs. it ended up with her in the hospital with a fractured worries, she's doing fine!
-the day she was coming home from the hospital our courtyard wall was supposed to be built, so pretty much from that day on we have been working out in yard trying to get everything done. it takes a lot out of you when you're chasing after 2 kids, pregnant and trying to do landscaping and put together a swing times!
-a few days after addy turned 9 mo. she finally got her first tooth and then for the next 3 weeks got 3 more teeth. so, she is finally sleeping through the night again. hallelujah!!!
-rylee is still annoying. j/k. she is just getting more and more stubborn and defiant! i swear that girl is going to put me in the nut house!!! she wont stay in any bed we put her in unless she gets a serious beating. j/k (but not really:). today i decided to start potting training again. mostly because i only had a few diapers left and i am refusing to buy more. plus, we are thinking of going to oregon in june and i do not want to take diapers with for rylee. i know, i am selfish, but also the thought of having 3 kids in diapers makes me want to puke!
-i turned 26 on the 14th of april...yippee!!
-lets see what else.....oh yeah, this pregnancy has been awesome other than the fact that i am constantly almost falling asleep because i am so dang exhausted. in the beginning there was only a few days that i was sick and it was because i waited to long to eat. seriously, i have to eat like every 2 hours! it is getting kind of annoying, but at least i am not sick!
-i had the 20 week ultra sound on monday and everything was great! especially the fact that we are having a BOY!!!!!! phew!! we are so excited and a little (ok, a LOT) relieved that we dont have to keep trying until we get a boy!
-i planted a bunch of stuff in my garden, but i know nothing about it, so this will be a little experiment to see if anything even lives! if anybody knows anything.....please let me know your secrets! and i really want to plant some fruit trees....that just may be a dream for now, though.
-oh yeah, addy is all over the place now!!! she is standing up every chance she gets and tries to walk, but her head gets there before her feet do. it wont be long!!! it is so funny, she be crawling along and then just stand up and clap for herself! she is so funny! and she loves rylee and especially loves to pick fights with her. seriously. this sweet little girl has an evil streak. her favorite thing is to pull rylee's hair, but i have seen addy tackle her to the ground and lay on top her holding her there. funniest. thing. ever.
so, thats what we've been up to. i hope you are all satisfied. :))

new pics!

Friday, March 14, 2008

back to life......

ya, i takes me forever to get anything posted around here. we had some internet problems for a few days and then it always takes me a long time to figure out where the heck the pictures are on the computer. i'm a little slow.
so our little weekend getaway was so much fun and totally relaxing. we went all the way to Mandalay Bay!!! kinda lame, but i didnt want to spend the whole time in the car to get somewhere. and with the money we saved in gas we pampered ourselves!! we left on last thursday afternoon and went for a little ride on the motorcycle, and then headed on down to mandalay to check in. after we ate dinner we spent the rest of the night....

in the most comfortable robes ever!!! we tried to go to bed early but the couple next door to us were having a lovers quarrel and all we heard was a lot of really loud screaming mixed in with a lot of swearing.....if only the guy would leave his wife like the chick wanted and there wouldnt have been a fight. it was really funny, kind of like a live soap opera.

on friday we got room service on the morning and spent almost the whole rest of the day at the was sooooo nice!!!! then we went to a really good steakhouse called Del Frisco's for dinner. the steak was so dang good and prices were actually really reasonable.

this is view from our room, not that we ever just sat and looked out our window.
on sat. we went to breakfast and test drove truck that mike wants to get and then we went to beach at the hotel and like an hour after we got out there, the wind started and we got the heck outta there. that night we went to the Rascal Flatts concert. it has been so long since i've been to a concert and it was so much fun!! they put on an awesome show
after we got out of the concert, we were walking back to our room and saw that Kelly Pickler was taking pictures with people at one of the restaurants so i butted in front of some people and got myself a picture with her!!! (she opened for Rascal Flatts, so thats why she was there).

so, all in all, it was a really great weekend without chasing little ones around, but we missed them so much! thanks mom for watching them (and our babysitter, on sat. night!).

Saturday, March 1, 2008

better late than never!

ok, so it was our 4th year anniversary on the 27th....woo hoo!! we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Mesa Grill, at ceasars. it was sooo YUMMY!!!!! then we did a little shopping and called it a night. our real celebration will come next week when we get to have 4 days without kids!! ah yeah! for some reason it feel like we have been married longer than 4 years, but it has been a great 4 years. happy anniversary mike!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My new running partner!!

so, we decided to load the kids in the stroller this morning and go for a run. well, the whole time rylee kept saying that she wanted to get out and run, so on the way home we let her and she ran next to me almost the whole way home!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

miss independant

this our latest conversation
me: rylee are you going potty? (this only happens when she isnt wearing a diaper)
rylee: ya!!
me: are you going poop?
rylee: ya, i do!!
me: do you need help?
rylee: NO!!! why?.....because...
( i walk into the bathroom)
me: let me help wipe your bum
rylee: NO!! my wipe! i do it!!
me: no, i need to help dont touch your bum with your fingers!!!!
rylee: NOOO!!! my wipe!!
she didnt win, i wiped her bum AND scrubbed her hands.

Monday, February 11, 2008

tagged again

The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 years ago today

i was a sophomore at bonanza high school and just hanging out with my friends. i was probably having all kinds of boy drama because that is what happens when you are 15, right? i didnt have a job yet and wasnt old enough to date, so all we ever did was just "hang out".

5 things on my to-do list today...

well, since it is 9:00 the only things on my list are

1. check my blog

2. watch my tv shows

3. eat some brownies

4. start the dishwasher

5. go to bed

I enjoy

playing with my kids and having my husband at home. watching movies with mike and going out on weekends. i really like traveling, but for some reason i always seem to be either pregnant or with a newborn, so that kind makes it a little less fun. ok, fine, i really enjoy having my treats and watching my shows at night after the kiddies are in bed.

What would I do if I were suddenly made a millinaire

lets see, i would by a lot of land. probably in a few different places because there are so many places that we want to live! pay off any debt that we have. invest some of it, and put away some for our kids for their future. i'm sure i would do quite a bit of shopping and get a new car, because, ya know, i'm a millionare!!

3 of my bad habbits

losing my temper, not exercising, keep getting knocked up

5 places I have

1. sandy, ut

2. las vegas

3. cedar city

4. provo

5. back to las vegas

5 jobs that I've had

1.worked at the Jock Shop. i did heat press and embroidery and was soo easy!

2. a quilt shop called the Christmas mom works there now!

3. community bank of nevada. i was the courier the summer before i went to hair school.

4. banana republic. i was only getting a job there until i got my nevada hair license, but ended up working there for 4 years!

5. finally, i worked at Radichi Salon doing hair for 1 year and then i had Rylee and that is my job now

5 things that people dont know about me

1. i had to give birth without any medication with Adyson. i got to the hospital and she was born 30 min. later!
2. i laid the brick patio in our backyard when i was 7 months pregnant with adyson.
3. i helped mike build our entertainment center when i was 8 months preg. with rylee. i did all the sanding, staining and finish work on it.
4. i have some kind of treat almost every single night before bed! its so bad, but it is like my little reward after getting the kids to bed.
5. i like it when my feet and hands are cold. escpecially when i am sleeping, unless it is freezing, i cannot have my feet under the blanket.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

its official.....

that i am going to go crazy!!!!! well, i just went to the doctor today and they confirmed that i am PREGNANT!!!!! WHAT!??! ya, this is going to suck big time! so much for waiting 2 years to have our next one!! and no more going to hawaii this summer!!:( i am due on october 1st, so i will probably be having a september baby. how am i going to handle having 3 kids under the age of 3, you ask? not a clue!! it will be very interesting to say the least. i am only like 6 weeks right now, so i probably shouldnt be announcing it right now, but oh well. i guess one good thing is that i will be done having kids sooner than i thought!! so, if any of you are trying to get pregnant right now, maybe you oughta come over and drink some of our water or hang out so some of my fertileness can rub off on you! you can stop laughing at me now.

i've been "bag tagged"....

here are the rules...1. you have to show a picture of your bag. 2. then show all the contents of you bag-without cleaning it! 3. tag 5 other people. this purse is not that big, so i cant carry a million things with me like i used to ...

this is a checkbook, pen, nail file, hand cream, lipglosses, gum, rylee's shot record, receipt

here we have sunglasses, wallet, grocery list, band aids, movie stub, gym pass (not that ever go), visiting teaching list, and dr.'s appt. card

ok, the only reason there is hardly any kids stuff in here is because i just used it all. so all that is left are some wipes, a headband, binki, a pig and a cow

i dont really want to tag anyone, but i guess i will tag jamie and sara

Friday, February 1, 2008

a few new pics

this is what rylee does all day, everyday...flying off the couches!!

Rylee taking Adyson for a ride in the baby stroller
mike's new toy!! he actually got it for christmas, but we i just found the pictures to upload it!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

will it ever end???

ok, so if you really know me and my family, you already know all about the past 2 years. it all started with my sister having a routine surgical procedure done. after she was sent home, she ended up back in the hospital because she stopped breathing. she passed away 3 days later. then my uncle was in an avalache on christmas day and passed away. nope, not done yet! on jan.6 my brothers ex-wife was in a terrible car accident and was in critical condition and passed away on monday. so tomorrow we have to go to yet another funeral for one of our family members. i mean, really, will it ever end??!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

yes, we went to Target today with her dressed like this. i tried for 30 min to try and get her dressed.....she just wasnt havin it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

is this normal???

ok so i think by now we all know that rylee is not very normal, at least to me!!:) j/k!! rylee REALLY loves any kind of fruit and almost any veggie that i put in front of her. just about every night and dinner, when i put the plate down in front of her, she gobbles up the veggies before i can even get my plate and sit down! so, it has come down to bribing her with vegetables to get her to eat the rest of her dinner!!! is that weird or what?? and if there is any kind of fruit with dinner, i have to hide it until she is at least half way done before she can have any fruit, otherwise she wont even touch her dinner! tonight we had salmon, corn on the cob and baked potato (she LOVES salmon and eats as much as i do usually). all she wanted to eat was the corn on the cob! she kept asking for more and i would have to say "you cant have any more corn until you eat the rest of your salmon" and it worked. she really wanted that corn!!! i guess i should be pretty grateful that she will eat her veggies, right?

this is rylee chowin down on her 3rd piece of corn on the cob!

becuase you're dying to know

so it is 1:13 and both of my kids are asleep. they have been asleep for almost an hour actually. i guess it doesnt matter that i have about a trillion things to do and clean around the house. while my kids sleep i am choosing to lay on the couch and eat a whole bag of nutter butters and watch 'notes from the underbelly'. yes, i am lazy....but you know you wish you were doing the same thing.

Monday, January 21, 2008

a little update

ok, so i finally got some pictures up of the kiddies! i think all my other pictures are on our imac and we have had to take it to get fixed like 4 times now so, who knows if they are still on there or not! things are going great at our place right now! we are still trying to potty train rylee....what a pain! if she isn't wearing any underwear or a diaper, she will go to the bathroom all by herself. she wont even tell me she has to go, she just does it! but if she is in a diaper or pull-up and i asks if she has to, the answer is always "NO!" we'll get there someday! when she does go....after she wipes her bum, she flushes the toilet and waves and says to the poo or pee "bye!! see you in the morning!!" WHAT?? i think she does this because sometimes i say that to her when i put her to bed. kids are so funny. and rylee is being more daring and finding many new things to climb up and jump off the couches and on the kitchen counters. i have video of the her jumping from one couch to the other, but she is naked so i didnt think it would be very appropriate to post that:)! adyson is becoming more mobile...just trying to get things that are around while she is sitting up...i mean lets not get to crazy ady! other than that, things are the same!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

making progress!!

i am very happy to say that Adyson is finally making some progress! she is seven months old and FINALLY started sitting up this past week....she is a little slow, but that's ok! it is so nice to have her sitting up so that she can play....although she is still really wabbley(sp?). las night was the best night!! she slept through the night for the very first time. usually we are up at least 2 or 3 times and sometimes 5 or annoying and tiring! i put her to bed at 7 and she didnt get up until 6!! i gave her a bottle and she went back to sleep until almost 9!! its pretty sad that even on a full nights sleep i still am not ready for the day or gotten anything done....oh well.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


My little girl is 2!!!! WOW! the time really flies when you are raising kids! Rylee's birthday was on the 26th and i am soooo late in doing this!! i feel like such a bad mom because i didnt even have a party for her!! it was a very crazy christmas though, so i feel like i have an excuse. we found on christmas day that my uncle had died so we had to go up to utah for the funeral. pretty sucky times. my family keeps joking that "if there is going to be another funeral, it had better be mine!" so, anyways....we went to dinner on the 29th to celebrate rylees and 3 of her cousins birthdays that were all the same week. i didnt even get any good pictures because while we were eating rylee said that her stomach hurt and just wanted to be held the whole time! sad!! so by the time we got back home to vegas we were all kind of tired of partying and just wanted be by ourselves and hang out at home before our husbands had to go back to work. and i dont even know where my camera is to upload any pics.......i am really lame!!