Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My new running partner!!

so, we decided to load the kids in the stroller this morning and go for a run. well, the whole time rylee kept saying that she wanted to get out and run, so on the way home we let her and she ran next to me almost the whole way home!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

miss independant

this our latest conversation
me: rylee are you going potty? (this only happens when she isnt wearing a diaper)
rylee: ya!!
me: are you going poop?
rylee: ya, i do!!
me: do you need help?
rylee: NO!!! why?.....because...
( i walk into the bathroom)
me: let me help wipe your bum
rylee: NO!! my wipe! i do it!!
me: no, i need to help dont touch your bum with your fingers!!!!
rylee: NOOO!!! my wipe!!
she didnt win, i wiped her bum AND scrubbed her hands.

Monday, February 11, 2008

tagged again

The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 years ago today

i was a sophomore at bonanza high school and just hanging out with my friends. i was probably having all kinds of boy drama because that is what happens when you are 15, right? i didnt have a job yet and wasnt old enough to date, so all we ever did was just "hang out".

5 things on my to-do list today...

well, since it is 9:00 the only things on my list are

1. check my blog

2. watch my tv shows

3. eat some brownies

4. start the dishwasher

5. go to bed

I enjoy

playing with my kids and having my husband at home. watching movies with mike and going out on weekends. i really like traveling, but for some reason i always seem to be either pregnant or with a newborn, so that kind makes it a little less fun. ok, fine, i really enjoy having my treats and watching my shows at night after the kiddies are in bed.

What would I do if I were suddenly made a millinaire

lets see, i would by a lot of land. probably in a few different places because there are so many places that we want to live! pay off any debt that we have. invest some of it, and put away some for our kids for their future. i'm sure i would do quite a bit of shopping and get a new car, because, ya know, i'm a millionare!!

3 of my bad habbits

losing my temper, not exercising, keep getting knocked up

5 places I have

1. sandy, ut

2. las vegas

3. cedar city

4. provo

5. back to las vegas

5 jobs that I've had

1.worked at the Jock Shop. i did heat press and embroidery and was soo easy!

2. a quilt shop called the Christmas mom works there now!

3. community bank of nevada. i was the courier the summer before i went to hair school.

4. banana republic. i was only getting a job there until i got my nevada hair license, but ended up working there for 4 years!

5. finally, i worked at Radichi Salon doing hair for 1 year and then i had Rylee and that is my job now

5 things that people dont know about me

1. i had to give birth without any medication with Adyson. i got to the hospital and she was born 30 min. later!
2. i laid the brick patio in our backyard when i was 7 months pregnant with adyson.
3. i helped mike build our entertainment center when i was 8 months preg. with rylee. i did all the sanding, staining and finish work on it.
4. i have some kind of treat almost every single night before bed! its so bad, but it is like my little reward after getting the kids to bed.
5. i like it when my feet and hands are cold. escpecially when i am sleeping, unless it is freezing, i cannot have my feet under the blanket.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

its official.....

that i am going to go crazy!!!!! well, i just went to the doctor today and they confirmed that i am PREGNANT!!!!! WHAT!??! ya, this is going to suck big time! so much for waiting 2 years to have our next one!! and no more going to hawaii this summer!!:( i am due on october 1st, so i will probably be having a september baby. how am i going to handle having 3 kids under the age of 3, you ask? not a clue!! it will be very interesting to say the least. i am only like 6 weeks right now, so i probably shouldnt be announcing it right now, but oh well. i guess one good thing is that i will be done having kids sooner than i thought!! so, if any of you are trying to get pregnant right now, maybe you oughta come over and drink some of our water or hang out so some of my fertileness can rub off on you! you can stop laughing at me now.

i've been "bag tagged"....

here are the rules...1. you have to show a picture of your bag. 2. then show all the contents of you bag-without cleaning it! 3. tag 5 other people. this purse is not that big, so i cant carry a million things with me like i used to ...

this is a checkbook, pen, nail file, hand cream, lipglosses, gum, rylee's shot record, receipt

here we have sunglasses, wallet, grocery list, band aids, movie stub, gym pass (not that ever go), visiting teaching list, and dr.'s appt. card

ok, the only reason there is hardly any kids stuff in here is because i just used it all. so all that is left are some wipes, a headband, binki, a pig and a cow

i dont really want to tag anyone, but i guess i will tag jamie and sara

Friday, February 1, 2008

a few new pics

this is what rylee does all day, everyday...flying off the couches!!

Rylee taking Adyson for a ride in the baby stroller
mike's new toy!! he actually got it for christmas, but we i just found the pictures to upload it!!