Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In memory of Aimee...

I was going to have the title be "happy anniversary", but that just didnt sound right. :) It was 2 years ago today that my older sister Aimee passed away. we all went to the cemetery tonight and brought about a million flowers to put on her headstone....seriously, there was a ton. i took a picture because it looked so pretty, but i always forget how to upload the pictures and mike is in san diego doing video shoot. so that picture will have to come later when he can help me because i am really retarted. it is still so hard to have her gone and i am sure that it will never get any easier. i am just grateful for the time that we did have with her, and i know that she is working hard on the other side!
...... after we left the cemetery, we went and got frozen yogurt. this was the best frozen yogurt that i have had in a LONG time!! i dont remember the name, but it just opened by the coscto in aliante. i know this sounds really dumb, but this is one thing that i have been craving my whole pregnancy and i finally got to satisfy it!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

the kiddos...

ok, so my little girls are getting to be so dang big!!! i cant believe how quick they are growing up. last week we were swimming and after a while, rylee decided she didnt want to wear her floaties anymore and just started swimming by herself!!!! so much for swim lessons. i couldnt believe she can swim! she will even jump in and can swim across almost the whole pool!! i guess thats what you get when you have child that is very determined and independant..... and stubborn!
She is only 2 1/2 and it is probably to early, but she is going to start preschool this year!! it starts on sept. 2nd. that is in less than 1 month. HOLY COW!!!!! we went to target yesterday and i let her pick out a backpack.... and of course she picks out the one with all the princesses on it. whatever. she LOVES it and it was only like 8 dollars and she hasnt stopped wearing it, so i guess if it makes her happy, then it makes me happy! i just cant believe i am going to have a kid in school! i hope it will turn out good because she needs something to keep her busy!

my little Adyson is not so little anymore! we just went to the dr. for her year check up and she weighs 25 lbs.! she is one hefty girl. and very, very squishy!! she is so cute and always trying to keep up with rylee, but one thing that i love is that she is a cuddler!! it is so weird to have a baby that actually likes to be held and snuggled with. she is so funny. whenever she is doing something naughty and i say "addy, do you need to go sit in timeout??" she will get up and walk over to the timeout corner and sit there..... but only for like 2 seconds. i love it!
she started doing this a few months ago. at every single meal she has to have a fork or she wont eat what is on her plate. she is so wierd! she has to eat every bite off of the fork and if she cant get it, then she makes me help her so she can eat her food off of the fork.
ya, so the other day when woke up from her nap, mike and i heard her whine a little bit and heard big thump and then a little cry so mike started to go up stairs just as she is opening her door!!!! what the heck???!!! she just turned one and apparently can climb out of her crib now! and she has been able to open the doors for about 3 months! she is one crazy girl!

a few weeks ago, we all went to scottsdale, az with mike because he had video shoot at the Hyatt there. i dont suggest going on a trip with 2 little kids and being 8 months pregnant if your husband is going to be working the whole time! it was very tiring and really hard to keep the kids happy in a hotel room. i wish we could have enjoyed it more because it was really nice hotel, but i think that will have to wait for a trip with out kids!:) one thing we did get to enjoy was the spa! we took turns watching the kids the morning before we had to check out and got massages!! i really hope we get to go back soon because it was probably the best spa i have ever been to! i wish i had some pictures, but on the drive there i noticed that our battery was dead on the camera. maybe next time!

i have been really lame and havent taken many pictures lately. i will try to get some posted soon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

sleep deprived...

ok, so has anyone been doing anything other than reading Breaking Dawn??? ya, me neither. that includes sleeping, getting dressed, getting the kids dressed, cleaning, sleeping. that's right. all you girls that made me take the first book home to read..... i am totally hooked!!!! my poor family has been so neglected lately. and i think i am starting to get sick because i read instead of sleep like i should be doing. oh well.... its worth it to read about Edward, right?