Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aiden's Blessing

4 generation picture. aiden ,mike, mike's dad, mike's grandpa

mike blessed aiden on november 30, 2008. he did a wonderful job as always. i was starting to get very stressed over this event, so i just decided to make it easy and we had a really small luncheon after the blessing with just family. it was very relaxed and very nice to be able to enjoy it.

random pics

we took the kids the airplane show and they loved it. it was very sunny so rylee had to steal my sunglasses to see the airplanes.

this is aiden at 2 months. he is so perfect!

so i decided to chop off rylee's hair one morning before preschool. here she is with her ponytail!

this is what you get when your child cant walk without falling. looking a little asian, are we?? her eye was so swollen.... it was quite funny to look at.


ok i know it has been forever, and yeah we are busy, but COME ON!! get it together woman and make a post already! so here is halloween 2008. as you can see rylee and addy are both princesses.... can you tell they have makeup on?? ya, they really like to help do makeup! not very good pics of them due to fact that they cant sit still for 1 second, but oh well. there will be more posts to come.... after i have mike help upload all the pics. yep, i still cant do it on my own. oh hush!

pretty princesses
carving pumpkins. rylee loved digging out all the guts!

this is what aiden did while we carved pumkins. he is the best!

trick or treating with grampa john and grama nuts

carving pumpkins