Monday, February 2, 2009

well check stats!

3 yrs.
height: 38 in.
weight: 35 lbs.
85th % for her age.
Rylee is just as energetic as ever! she is turning into such a little teenager it is scary! she loves preschool and learns something new every day. her latest is break dancing. she has some sweet moves! she loves being mommy's little helper, almost too much! she got an apron for christmas from her grandma nuts and loves to wear it and help in the kitchen. she loves to wash dishes and cut up vegetables and any sort of cleaning! she is quite the personality and loves being the center of attention. we love her!

height: 35 in.
weight: 26 lbs.
didnt get her percent :(
adyson is a giant! she is now wearing some 3T clothes.... she is quickly catching up to her sister! i thought she was going to be my easy-going girl. i was SO wrong! she wants to do everything her sister does, including going potty on the toilet! i am always finding her in the bathroom sitting on the toilet "going pee pee". she does go almost every night before bathtime. that will be my summer project...potty training!(and learning to swim). she is very sweet though and we love having her around!

4 months
height: 26 in.
weight: 16 lbs.
95th %
Aiden is such a sweet boy and so patient! he doesnt really have choice with his demanding sisters around. it has been such a joy to have him. he makes everyone calm and he loves being talked and loves to talk! he is such a good boy and puts himself to sleep almost every night! not sleeping through the night yet, but its ok! love this boy!! he is rollong over and just started eating rice cereal and he LOVES it! he is very good eater(if his hands dont get in the way! he loves chewing on his fingers).