Monday, July 14, 2008

it been a while....

i am a total slacker when it comes to posting things! a lot has happened since the last post, so i'll catch you up on the lastest...

addy started walking a few months ago and she turned 1 on june 19th. we had a little party for her and of course she loved it and knew exactly what was going on.
my hubby turned 32 on july 12th!!! wow! he is an old man! j/k. we went up to st. george for the night and went to one of the plays at tuacahn. kinda lame, but we didnt have the kids with us, so that was really nice!! we slept in til like 9:00!
we are just having fun swimming and checking out what's new in the garden that is takin over my yard! seriously, its crazy! rylee's favorite thing is to go check on the peppers and pick the tomatoes. i am just waiting for my honeydew to be ready and hope that it will taste good. i'm worried that the honeydew and cucumber got cross pollinated because they are so close together! i guess i'll just have to wait and see.
the pregnancy is going great. i always have uneventful pregnancies. i am already counting the days til he comes! i am so tired of being pregnant!!!
we took a little trip up to bryce canyon to see my sister that lives near there. it was the trip from hell! before we even got to mesquite we had to stop 4 times for rylee to go to the bathroom. the kids hardly slept the whole time, so of course they were tired and ornery the whole time. my kids dont do well going out of town because they are so used to a schedule and they are such light sleepers. it makes it really hard to have a good time!
rylee is still crazy and her favorite word is 'shut up'. that's a fun one! and now she likes to jump off of the rocks when we are swimming. she will always try to sneek to the higher ones and jump off them! she makes me so nervous!!!
rylee decided a while ago that she didnt want to wear pull ups to bed anymore.  apparently they make her butt itch.  whatever! so she wears her panties all day and night! and we have a lot of  "pee laundry" to do now! she really does a good job of not peeing in her bed, but she does have accidents sometimes.
hopefully it wont take me months to do another post..... we'll see how that goes!

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