Friday, November 30, 2007

What a Week!

This year we went to my sisters house in Utah(near Bryce Canyon). it was a lot of first! we just hung out and played guitar hero and learned how to crochet beanies. everything was going great until thanksgiving day. i layed rylee down for a nap a little bit before we started eating our thanksgiving lunch/dinner(we like to start early and gorge ourselves all day:). right in the middle of eating she woke up and was screaming, and i thought it was because she couldn't get out of the room because i had acidentally shut it all the way. so i run in there to get her and would not let me put her down. once she saw her daddy, she wanted him, and ONLY him. so he goes back into the room to lay back down with her cause she was acting so tired still. about five minutes later i hear someone say"um, i think rylee just threw up!" i run into the room to find that she had thrown up ALL OVER Mike and the floor and in the sink! oh it was SO GROSS!! so after everything is cleaned up and she is dressed........yep, she pukes again! but this time i was able to run her to the tub so it only got on the floor a little bit. Fun stuff, right!
we were going to leave on sunday, but instead we packed up and left sat. morning(after riding all the dirt bikes and four wheelers, of course!). I am SO glad that we did because that night Adyson woke up around 11 and started puking like crazy! i feel so bad for my kids when are sick!!! so we put adyson in our bed for the night and i started feeling sick that night as well! luckily i did not throw up, it was just the on-the-verge-of-puking feeling all night and on sunday along with body aches and chills. sunday afternoon adyson stops puking and i start feeling a little better, so i am thinking we are almost over this.....NOPE! that night rylee started throwing up AGAIN!!! so everyone seemed to be doing better on monday and then on tuesday night mike started feeling sick and was throwingup all night long! SERIOUSLY??? so now it is friday and we have been puke free for a whole day and feelin good!
from what i hear, this has been affecting a lot of people so BEWARE of the PUKE!!
oh, and, new pics will be posted soon!:)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okay, so i signed up for that Winder Farms delivery service. it has only been a couple of weeks, but so far i really like it! i love that the produce and dairy products are all really fresh! and i have to say that they have the BEST donuts!!!! they only have 2 kinds, BUT, the old fashioned glazed donuts really hit the spot.....especially at 11:30 at night.....meaning, i am eating one right now. ya i know, i am one sick donut eating fatty! mike thinks iam a totall dork because on delivery day, it feels like christmas to me!! i am so excited to wake up and go downstairs and see what groceries the Winder Man left me in my cooler! if anyone ahs been thinking about signing up for should try it! you can always cancel if it doesnt work for you!


its been quite a while since my last post so.....i guess its time! ya know, there is something to be said for herbal medicine. my little adyson has had a rough time with her reflux and i was getting so frustrated because she was always in pain and was rarely sleeping. our pediatrician prescribed some medicine for it and we used it for almost 2 months with no improvement. and this medicine was almost $100! SO ANNOYING!! so, i was talking with my mom and she had suggested that i go to this health food store that a lady in her ward owns. SO GLAD I DID!!!! they were so knowledgeable and so much help! we have been using the herbal stuff for a couple weeks now and it has made such a difference! she is so much better now(except for the last 3 days...i ran out of the meds and havent had the chance to get more:(. i feel so much better knowing that i dont have worry about all the side effects from traditional medicine!! even her goopy eye has totally cleared up!!! she is actually taking at least one good nap during the day and only waking up once (sometimes twice) during the night! HOORAY!! she is only five months old...shouldnt she be sleeping more than that!:) i was just spoiled with rylee sleeping through the night at 2 months old!
i have also started taking her to our chiropractor and i think that has made a difference as well. he said that she is really sensitive to her formula so, i have been thinking about doing this formula that is made from goats milk and some other nutrients (there are recipes for homemade formula). it seems like a lot more work and since she is doing so well with eating solid foods, i am hesitant to make that jump!

Monday, November 5, 2007

I've been tagged....

ok, so i have been tagged and now i get to share 7 things that describe who i am. the person that tagged me is carlie. you can see her 7 things at

  1. i am a mother of 2 beautiful little girls and the wife of an amazing husband. they are my everything!! although they are an enormous amount of work and sometimes(ok, most of the time) i feel like i am losing my mind, i would not trade them for anything in the world!!! my babies are exactly 17 and a half months apart. it will be really nice to take a break from being pregnant and giving birth and actually enjoy being a mom and have fun with my family! i would have to say that one of my favorite things to do is just hang out with all of my family. we have so much fun....mostly because we are never serious.
  2. my maiden name, as most of you know, is slater.....or so you think! my family's real last name is wilcox!!!! what the.....???? yes, its true. my great great grandpa on my dad's side was working for a man with the last name of slater in canada and used his name to move to america. i have heard from my aunt that she has records and business cards from whore houses that he used to run in colorado!!!!! aren't those some fun facts!
  3. I LOVE FOOD!!!!! i love making all kinds of food and especially love to eat it! i have to say that i dont make a lot of my favorite things as much anymore simply because i am either exhausted or the kids are acting crazy. because of that, my wonderful and understanding husband lets me order out at least 3 times a week!!! i used to feel guilty, like, why cant i be the happy mom who has everything under control with a spotless house and fresh homemade meals on the dinner table every night and greet my husband with a kiss as he walks in the door???? his reasoning is that if it makes me less stressed then he doesnt care what i feed him for dinner....what a sweetie! i also love to eat out and mike does as well, so that is just perfect for me! one of our favorite things to do since we had Adyson is go out on the weekends and try new restaurants...with out kids! right now our favorite one is MESA Grill in the Ceasars Palace. Awesome food and atmosphere!! a must try!
  4. i am addicted to nighttime tv shows!!!! i know it is so dumb, but i just love them all! some of my favs are desperate housewifes, the hills, boston legal, the office, greys anatomy, scrubs, friday night lights, the soup....just to name a few! even though i record all the shows i still stay up to watch them....i just cant tear myself away!
  5. one thing that i absolutely love is that mike and i have such a good time remodeling our house! not that it really needed it, but it is so much fun(most of the time)to see all of our projects turn out the way we imagined. we are big time do-it-yourselfers! we completely gutted the front yard(all 2300 sq ft of it!!!) all the ugly rock and bushes and we laid sod and planted a bunch of trees and laid brick steps.....and some other stuff. one of our fav ones is our backyard which is still in the process of being finished. the back was gutted as well and in its place we put in a pool and an area for our future patio and balcony. we FINALLY finished the entertainment center that we started when i was pregnant with Rylee!!! those are just a few of our projects.....there are still plenty that are "under construction"! i would love to be able to flip houses....a fun hobby and if i could make some extra cash at it then that would be great too!!!
  6. this is one thing that a lot of people find to be very funny and most dont ever believe it. my mothers maiden name is BALLS!! yep, that's right! our family must have a sense of humor to have that kind of a name......and to have relatives with the names Ruby, Pearl, HARRY!!!! fun times at the Balls' !!
  7. if we had the money we would definately be traveling all over the world probably all the time! i love seeing new places and experiencing new things and cultures and since mike is a photographer it is our excuse to travel!!:) and if we had some of that money left over.....i would buy all the land i could!!! i want to live on a ranch and have an amazing garden and just be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery!

well, there you have it! so, here are the very lucky people who are now tagged and get to share a little bit about them!

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Fun

Rylee and I had a lot of fun at the the pumpkin patch this year.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat...

She is sooo ready to go "trick or treating"! she had been asking all day if she could "ti a tee".

my two girls!! Rylee is a witch and Adyson is a ballerina. Rylee was getting a head start on eating the candy....she LOVES suckers!