Friday, March 14, 2008

back to life......

ya, i takes me forever to get anything posted around here. we had some internet problems for a few days and then it always takes me a long time to figure out where the heck the pictures are on the computer. i'm a little slow.
so our little weekend getaway was so much fun and totally relaxing. we went all the way to Mandalay Bay!!! kinda lame, but i didnt want to spend the whole time in the car to get somewhere. and with the money we saved in gas we pampered ourselves!! we left on last thursday afternoon and went for a little ride on the motorcycle, and then headed on down to mandalay to check in. after we ate dinner we spent the rest of the night....

in the most comfortable robes ever!!! we tried to go to bed early but the couple next door to us were having a lovers quarrel and all we heard was a lot of really loud screaming mixed in with a lot of swearing.....if only the guy would leave his wife like the chick wanted and there wouldnt have been a fight. it was really funny, kind of like a live soap opera.

on friday we got room service on the morning and spent almost the whole rest of the day at the was sooooo nice!!!! then we went to a really good steakhouse called Del Frisco's for dinner. the steak was so dang good and prices were actually really reasonable.

this is view from our room, not that we ever just sat and looked out our window.
on sat. we went to breakfast and test drove truck that mike wants to get and then we went to beach at the hotel and like an hour after we got out there, the wind started and we got the heck outta there. that night we went to the Rascal Flatts concert. it has been so long since i've been to a concert and it was so much fun!! they put on an awesome show
after we got out of the concert, we were walking back to our room and saw that Kelly Pickler was taking pictures with people at one of the restaurants so i butted in front of some people and got myself a picture with her!!! (she opened for Rascal Flatts, so thats why she was there).

so, all in all, it was a really great weekend without chasing little ones around, but we missed them so much! thanks mom for watching them (and our babysitter, on sat. night!).

Saturday, March 1, 2008

better late than never!

ok, so it was our 4th year anniversary on the 27th....woo hoo!! we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Mesa Grill, at ceasars. it was sooo YUMMY!!!!! then we did a little shopping and called it a night. our real celebration will come next week when we get to have 4 days without kids!! ah yeah! for some reason it feel like we have been married longer than 4 years, but it has been a great 4 years. happy anniversary mike!