Tuesday, June 2, 2009

updates on the fam

ok, so its been like a year since i have updated this thing, and i'm sure its just been tearing everyone up inside. ya, i know i have that affect. anyways, this is going to be the longest post ever, so get comfy and grab a snack, if you choose to stick around to read it all. here are some of the things that have been going on 'round here.....
aiden started crawling at 6 1/2 months and 2 days after he started crawling, he decided to pull himself up on to everything and try and stand on his own. he especially likes to do this in the tub, silly boy! every chance he gets, he is climbing as fast as he can up the stairs and thinks it is hilarious when i come running after him. oh, he is just to cute to get mad at! he just cut his top 2 teeth yesterday, so he has 4 teeth now! if everyones babies acted the way he does when they are teething, they would have like 10!! he is still sooooo happy and doesnt cry, and has been sleeping even better than usual (it might have something to do with us not going anywhere, so he is totally on his schedule!) i really couldnt tell he was teething except for the gallon of drool that came out his mouth! :) we have stopped feeding him any baby food. he seriuosly spit up EVERYTHING he ate when we fed him the baby food, and whenever i fed him some of our food, it all stayed down! sooo, he is just a big boy now and eats the same food as us and loves to feed himself! he is such a good boy!!!!
adyson is a totally different story..... that girl is a hot mess!!! she has too many meltdowns in one day to count, but she is hilarious and has the oddest personality!!! she really is a lot if fun, when she is in a good mood! we have been potty training on and off for a few months. just when i think she is getting the hang of it, she pees everywhere!!! if funny because some days she will wear underwear all day and not have any accidents and actually go potty all by herself without even telling me, and some days........ i dont even want to talk about it! oh well, it will happen one day! she loves her brother and sister and loves to do anything rylee is doing!
Rylee is growing up sooo quick!! her first year of preschool ended last week! YAY! actually, i am kinda sad because i dont know when i am going to get errands done now! she is becoming quite the little helper around the house! she will do almost anything i ask her to, most of the time :) she has learned how to load and unload the dishwasher, she takes out the kitchen garbage, always does a great job at cleaning up the toys (sometime with a little threatening:)), loves to help with aiden and addy. ok, dont think i am making her my little slave, she asks me everyday if she can help with the dishes and take out the trash and change aidens diapers and take addy potty, so i have been giving in and letting her help!she acts so grown up!! she is such a good swimmer!!!!! seriously. as soon as she's old enough i am gonna put her on a swim team, if she wants to. that girl is a fish.
ok, so here are pics from the past couple months. they are not in order, and i am not going try to put them in order, so deal. here we go......

just a cutie pie picture of the girls from easter.

the "hot mess" . eeeewwww. she is gross. this little ensemble was picked out all on her own. i just took the picture of it.

mike and i got to go to new orleans for 4 dyas w/out the kids. ah yeah! this is the st. louis cathedral. its the oldest church in america.
rylee and i went on a little date and went to go see a movie. she got scared half way through and wanted to go home.

i just love that little face

this is the first time he stood up in his crib, that i know of :)

my little man havin some fun in the pool. he loves to ride on the alligator

me and the hubby riding the street car in new orleans

this is at the Oak Alley Plantation. it is seriously gorgeous there!

in the car on the way to the plantations. we got a little tired of smelling vomit and garbage and seeing nasty, trashy drunk people everywhere we looked in French Quarter, so we rented a car and drove about an hour to see the most awesome plantations! it was really fun!


cindi said...

mike seriously broke adyson...that girl is a mess!

sara and lance syrett said...

I was just about to write the exact same thing, she is a hot mess!

Carlie and Ryan Skinner said...

hot mess = a slater girl:) jk. I don't think I have seen you since you had Aiden. That is WAY too long! I just got the beanies you made and I love them! thank you. I didn't get the one with the brim that you posted a picture of though. did you send that one? I need a lesson on how to make those bc I might one in every color. They are so cute! thanks again