Tuesday, March 31, 2009

just stuff....

this is one of the beanies, car!

here is the other one. i am not sure about the brim. if you dont like it i can do a different one, or a different color. let me know and i wont be hurt if want a different one, they dont take very long to do.

here he is in his big boy chair!!! i love that boy!

he wants to crawl sooo bad!

look at that face!!! oh i could just kiss it all day! sometimes i do!

Aiden is 6 months old!!!! holy crap, how did that happen??? he is such a big boy now! these are some things he is doing now (so i dont forget)
-eating 2nd foods and loving them and trying to eat anything else he can gets his little grabby fingers on!
-he is sitting in a booster chair (like the girls sit in) because he totally twisted his way out of the bumbo chair!
-still spitting up a lot! that is his only flaw.... i guess he has to have one, right?
-is wearing 6-12 month clothes
-does not use a binky!!! sometimes he will suck on his fingers but only when he goes to sleep
-doesnt have to nurse to go to sleep!!!! i love it! he his so easy going! he will just lay down and go to sleep if i dont have time to nurse him (which is a lot!). makes it easy for date nights!
-drinking from a sippy cup
-sitting up
-spins in circles on his tummy like nobody's business
-is getting very close to crawling (gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth) he is trying SOOO hard! he just wants to get up and go with his sisters!
-finally started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago!!! YAY!!! he takes 2 long naps during the day (when we are home) and then wants to be in bed at least by 7! and then he usually sleeps until 7 with the occasional 5am wakeup!
-he is THE happiest baby! as long as he isnt hungry or tired he will just sit anywhere and laugh and smile at anything and anyone! he loves to be talked to and LOVES it when his sisters "bug" him (like sit on him or roll around on the floor with him, ya know..)
-is so sweet and loves to cuddle and of course be held.
-is ocassionally going pee and poop on the toilet!!! i am kind of trying this different kind of potty training. he is actually doing really good!
-LOVES his mommy!! what can i say?!? if i walk out of the room he usually lets me know that he is not ok with it!
-LOVES the hot tub! and swimming... it a good thing cause we are going to live in the pool this summer!

we love our "aiden boy"!!!


Kaymee said...

what a cutie! great job on those beanies! such a little homemaker!! Since Aidan is 6 months, the next one must be on the way!!! :) book club is at my house this month- better get reading :)

Carlie and Ryan Skinner said...

HOLY CRAP!! he is big! I LOVE the beanies! i am so excited for them.

Melissa said...

Hey..I love the beanies!! I would love to get one for my sisters boy.

p.s. I was cracking up watching addie's video. what the heck?!

Jay and Stephanie Adams said...

Aren't you quite the little homemaker now??? Aiden is 6 mos. already? Shouldn't you be pregnant again? ahaahaaa!! I'm jealous I missed you guys swimming today. :(